About me

My name is Anthony Tesija. I'm a software engineer, designer, chef, and game developer. I've been working as a professional software engineer since 2013 with a strong team focus. My work has moved more from individual contribution to team and company contribution. I communicate across teams, collaborate with designers, onboard and mentor junior team members, prototype and architect our future work, and change how processes at my companies work. I want my teammates and coworkers to be successful as developers and people. I think it’s important to share feedback quickly and directly and to talk with them openly about work and life.

I’ve also designed, developed, and released over twenty games and tools for other developers to use. I take user feedback and keep those tools up to date. I think it’s really important to take projects to completion and while not every one is perfect, it’s important to finish work and push it out to people. I ran a private party catering company for a year and continue to cook for small events. I’m an illustrator and have made show posters for bands, stickers for company events, and even design work for the companies I’ve worked at.

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