Jettison Presskit


  • Developer: ATesh Games

  • Available March 12th 2015 on Android Play Store

  • Available April 3rd 2015 on iOS App Store

  • Price: Free

  • Features:

  • Puzzle platformer where character is always running and only turns when hitting a wall

  • Touch control jetpack

  • Traps including timed lasers, acid, and rising acid designed with automatic movement and jetpack controls in mind to make for interesting and increasingly difficult levels

  • 30 level story mode and 3 impossibly hard challenge levels

  • Monetization Permission

    ATesh Games LLC gives legal permission to monetize videos of any of my games and prototypes. There are no limits on this permission. If you are asked for proof please link to these last few sentences (


    You can download all the screenshots below in or individually by right clicking and saving them.