Jettison is a puzzle platformer that features a thirty level story mode and an impossibly difficult set of challenge levels designed to test your skills. You play as an astronaut escaping an exploding factory on the moon. The factory you're escaping has deadly traps including acid and timed lasers. The astronaut runs automatically and will turn when it bumps into a wall. The game is easy to learn and play, only requiring a touch to fire your jetpack. You have a small amount of fuel that will recharge when you are on the ground and deplete while using your jetpack. The challenge comes with maneuvering through hazardous traps while trying to conserve fuel. Each level has a key and collecting it will open the door to the next level. Beat all the levels to get to the escape pod and leave the moon!

Jettison is available on Android and iOS, phones and tablets!

This game was designed and developed by Anthony Tesija. The music was created by Nicholas Tesija. For more information about ATesh Games or myself please contact or visit my website.

For members of the press check out the Jettison Presskit for game information and ATeshGames Presskit for company information.

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